Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Aikiko Project

These are BLUE eggs from a line I've been selling and hatching for several years. I'm trying to keep the dark skin and blue eggs while increasing the number of white offspring and (keep your fingers crossed) hopefully carry forward a unique vocalization.  The project is in it's 4th year.

A bit of genetic history...because I just can't help it... The first hen was named Aikiko.  She was just a sweet little wheaten hen from a hatchery mix but she laid these delicate, faintly blue eggs and a nice beard.  

Her daughter "Etsuko" is a product of Aikiko crossed with a black silkie roo (named "Katie").  Etsuko is a black smooth feathered,clean legged hen who lays turquoise eggs. Etsuko's babies tend to have feet like silkies and are occasionally are dark skinned and always bearded.  

Her son "Romeo" is a product of Aikiko crossed with a nearly rumpless wheaten araucana (?) named "Rupert". Romeo was light skinned with a feather pattern similar to silver duckwing.  

Etsuko and Romeo together produced both the roosters I've carried forward into the breeding project this year. There are details about these  Yukidama and Zulema in the description below.  

Currently the Aikiko house has three hens and two roosters: 

Etsuko, Etsuko's grand-daughter "Orchid" (blue salmon daughter of Ocoee x Tuco - a Silkied Ameraucana) and a small gray wheaten easter banty hen named "Opal" are in the breeding area with the Yukidama and Zulema.  

Yukidama is a homozygous recessive white, rumpless, dark skinned, snowball hatched in time for New Year 2012).  He descends from Aikiko x Rupert - a nearly rumpless "true" aruacana.  

Zulema is a black and gold rumpless with very dark skin.  In  addition to being a sweetheart, Zulema makes a very interesting sound when he's trying to impress the ladies.  He goes "wupp wupp wupp". It's different from any others I've ever heard and I'm curious as to how this vocalization carries into future generations.  


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